How to make one blog at home on your personal computer.

            Facebook is currently used by 2 billion people. Everyone wants to affirm on facebook. You make a group, a personal page and you are ready to conquer. But what we do if we want something else. A personal blog without restrictions where you can do everything because it is yours it is not the facebook property and you can publish what you want. In this case, there are several variants.

1.), Tumblr or others to make a free blog. You make an account give a name to your blog and in a few clicks you made a personal blog
Advantages. It’s free, perfect for beginners. The blog is made from a few clicks
Disadvantages. Google does not like the domains something .mysite com .google puts more value on sites like. mysite. com . Root domains, not subdomains
2.) The second option is to buy a personal domain and buy hosting with cPanel and necessarily with Softaculous to install the site from a few clicks. Perfect for those with intermediate or medium knowledge in the field.
Advantages: Install from a few clicks from the cPanel administration panel with the Softaculous application. Note: You need to install WordPress or other applications on the root domain not on a subdomain because automatically you are more likely to appear in front of Google as a serious site
Disadvantages: Shared hosting comes with a number of drawbacks from the company who is hosting the domain. Because on a server, there are dozens or even hundreds of sites you pay less but the quality of service leaves it desirable and at first offense, the ones hosting the server usually suggest you upgrade or, in the case of unseemly firms, can even restrict your site or even delete it. In any case, do not try this at Hostgator. com because of my own experience they restrict sites by forcing you to upgrade or were there situations where my site was deleted.
3.) The dedicated server. The dedicated server is for large companies or industry experts.
The dedicated server starts at $ 50 or a month on a monthly basis.
Advantages. The server is entirely dedicated to your site and you can use the maximum server capacity. Most of the hosting companies have this service.
Disadvantages: High price
4.) The cloud server
With the development of the Internet, cloud servers appeared. What is it?
The cloud server is a virtual server .it is the best option between shared and dedicated hosting. For an average site, the cloud server is the best option. Various applications can be installed, including WordPress. The best hosting in this area is provided by Bitnami in my personal opinion.
5.) Site hosted on a personal home server at home.
I will stop at this option because I found it very hard after years of trying to host sites at different companies without success.
What it takes: You can host a blog on a Linux-based server, but I’m going to stop at the one hosted on windows.
1.) We need An average computer of 250-500 GB with windows of 8.1 or better 10 with an up-to-date update. A personal domain purchased.
2.) We need to download WordPress from the BitNami. com site at:
https:// bitnami. com/stack/wordpress/installer

Choose Windows the latest version.
We choose to install WordPress on an unused partition of your computer and install it as a regular program. We select the user and password
After installation, we check if WordPress has been installed correctly at: http: // localhost / WordPress /
For now, WordPress is installed but we do not have access to the public Internet
To enter the internet, you need to change the router settings. From the windows terminal, we run the ipconfig command to find out the router’s IP address. (If you do not know the password and user of the router) ask the company you are subscribed to. You must open ports 80 for http and 443 for https.
How to install the site:
There is a trick. We need one account at freedns .afraid .org
1.)Add your domain to freedns .afraid. org
From the domain hosting company, set the nameserver to: ns1 . afraid. org ,ns2 . afraid. org ,ns3 . afraid. org ,ns4 . afraid. org
After this, check if dns was updated at dnschecher .org
After that, you add one A record from your domain to the IP that you own.
If you did everything as it is in the tutorial your site is already on the net on your domain connected to the IP you have. Check the site by accessing the domain. Now the site is visible on the net. Log in with the user and password you chose when you installed WordPress. And you have a home page hosted on WordPress.
But there is something else. For greater security (and now comes the trick) go to and install your domain on Cloudflare. com Installation is free and automatic. After installing the domain, change the nameservers from freedns to the Cloudflare servers. When you are ready, you are protected with CDN from cloudflare. (If you are on a dynamic IP, periodically check the IP and if necessary, change the IPs in the DNS settings on Cloudflare). update the WhoIs on in the field and everything is ready. good luck.
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