One of my first posts was one tutorial to make and host one WordPress blog at the comfort of your home.
Everything is working fine but I cannot secure my open ports entirely. Because of this reason, the WordPress installation is not fully secure and the blog was hacked on my computer 3 times in a row. You still can host the blog on your computer but do not try to enter into the net because will be hacked. The secure alternative is to host your website for free on Google Cloud. You will get $300 credit and one year to host your blog or everything else on Google. Link is : . This is the best hosting in the world. Google has also one always free tier where you can host your blog with 600MB RAM and 30GB HDD forever. This website is hosted on google cloud and I am very proud of it.PS: If you can find one way to secure the open ports send me one comment here. I am very curious about it.


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