This is my two projects of new Crypto Coins. There is no ICO because I am one individual and not a company. To get 1000 Profit and 1000 Fast Profit you need to have Metamask Wallet installed and to add this 2 tokens to your Metamask wallet. Fast Profit (FTPT) etherscan address is : Profit (FPFT)Contract to add token : 0xc71CF1D761a8DB9EDE7d567FCd8BE37DDB3578ba Profit Etherscan address is : to add token is : 0x5f919b86C646665a76B47389CDD585123777A353 Disclaimer : there is no value of this coins at this moment . but can increase in time. Both coin it’s minted in 100.000.000

Request for 1000 Profit and 1000 Fast Profit here on this topic only with your metamask wallet address. no, another wallet is accepted only metamask


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